Why Your AdWord Campaign Doesn’t Work

If you attempt to advertise using
pay per click on Google AdWords, you better know what you are doing. Otherwise,
you can end up spending an arm and a leg while experiencing zero results with
your digital advertising campaign.
Specific in Your Descriptions

For starters, your ads need to be
specific. If you sell upscale women’s shoes, you better say exactly that.
Otherwise, you will spend money on men looking for shoe repair and children
searching for the latest pair of Air Jordans.
on Negative Keywords

Not only should your
advertisement be created with quality writing, you should also take advantage
of negative keywords. For instance, your women’s shoe store can instantly avoid
triggering ads for certain words, like “men,” “children,” and “Nike.”
the Best Times to Post Your Ads

The time you put up your pay per
click ads matters. Every product for sale has essential times for buyers. For
instance, more individuals are ordering ink for their printers at 9 a.m. than
at 9 p.m. On the other hand, consumers usually order entertainment related CDs
and DVDs after office hours in the evening. Pick the best time to run your
specific Google AdWords campaigns,
rather than posting them 24/7.
Take advantage of Ad testing in
real time. Make sure it appeals to internet surfers, so you won’t throw your
hard-earned money away. 

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