Why Go Mobile

Could you imagine living without
your smartphone? After all, that’s how you talk to your loved ones and work.
You use this handheld gadget to check your e-mail, send text messages, update
your status on social media, read blogs, check your calendar, listen to music,
watch trailers, confirm reservations, play video games, and do much more. How
on earth did the previous generation get by with just payphones and quarters?
Do not think for one second that
the use of smartphones is merely a fad. Mobiles devices are here to stay. In
other words, you need to jump on mobile marketing before
you get left in the dust.
For starters, it seems that men
and women are lost without their phones. How many times have you gone to dinner
or even the office and left your handy device at home? Bet you felt naked. How
many times did you reach into your pocket or your purse only to be disappointed
that there was no smartphone within your grasp
It is also vital that more than
90% of men and women in the United States have their smartphones within reach
at all times. People actually like hearing their personal ringtones, whether it
is alerting them to a call, text, email, or instant message on Facebook. It’s also nice to have a library
of knowledge in the palm of your hand. Rather than argue with your spouse about
which city in Europe is a closer drive from Heathrow Airport, simply ask Google in a matter of seconds. Can
television, radio, or any other mass media outlets do that?
When your business sends out an
ad via text, there is a 98% chance that it will be read, even if it immediately
gets trashed. There are no spam folders or subject lines that prevent folks
from reading your message. A company can also target every text to readers
based on age, sex, and buyer preferences. For instance, a restaurant can send a
message about a steak to adults, but photos of desserts to their children.
Relying on mobiles can be much
more personal too. That same restaurant can send out digital
ads about mom’s favorite steak dinner, along with a dessert coupon for
Sammy’s 12th birthday. This personal service allows the consumer to
feel more appreciated. In return, he or she will be much quicker to call that
restaurant to make reservations for a special night out for adults, as well as
Sammy’s birthday celebration.
According to Google, “Mobile sites that are one second
faster experience up to a 27% increase in conversion rates. 53% of mobile site
visitors will now bounce from a page that takes longer than three seconds to
load, yet a recent study by Google found that the average page load time on
mobile is 22 seconds. To make sure businesses that want to improve their
websites can quickly and easily connect with the best talent, Google has
introduced the Mobile Sites certification.”

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