What Motivates Creative Content Marketers

Whether you have earned your degree in Creative Writing or not, it makes no difference. The general public could also care less if you enjoy the process of writing. The one thing that does matter in the world of content marketing is the end result: Do consumers click through to the vendor’s website and buy the product or service? In other words, you can tell artistic poetry like a modern Shakespeare, but it means nothing in the business world if buyers do not click on the link at the end of your sonnet.

Despite the outcome being digital advertising’s primary focus, the writer should not neglect his craft. Well-crafted content makes for better results. Think about it, would you want to purchase a pair of sunglasses from a website that cannot complete a full sentence or make use of a thesaurus? No. Poorly written digital advertising will get spammed in seconds, while enlightening reads convert into followers, clicks, and eventually sales.

Also, forget choosing between quality or quantity. In 2017, digital media demands both. After all, consumers want plenty of content. And that content must be well-structured. Otherwise, it will quickly get spammed by search engines, if not ignored by readers. Simply ask yourself, what are you supplying readers than they cannot find anywhere else on the web? Is the information original, and is the content useful? If so, you can gain a following. The result can be profits, profits, and more profits. So rather than choosing between quality or quantity digital content, pick both. 

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