Bloggers’ Secrets Revealed

You can hire the best journalist in the business for your company’s blog. But if nobody reads it, it is not putting any food on the table. What you need is traffic. Generating traffic to your blog is easier said than done, but with the right tricks of the trade, you can earn thousands of followers in no time.

When it comes to attracting readers, you must first get the attention of search engines. Otherwise, nobody is going to find your website. To attract search engines, think content, content, and more content. A writer must utilize keywords and key phrases. Just don’t stuff your site with too many or you will quickly get spammed. Perform a little research on sites like Google Trends to see what your targeted audience is searching that day. If Eddie Murphy is the most commonly searched term for the day, rely on his name in your heading and blog.

You should also read several other blogs and online articles for ideas. Take note of the most important information and common points before you relay them to your business and your specific readers. Ask yourself what is missing and how you could add to their writing? Once you fill in the gaps, you are offering the world new info that is exclusive to your blog.

Other factors of a well-written blog include a catchy title. Think of your writing as a college term paper and include sources in your well-researched work. Supply new and informative information in unique and keyword-heavy content, and sum everything up with a convincing conclusion. If you are a smart writer, a general audience of thousands will recognize your attributes and follow your blog.

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These days, you cannot accomplish very much with a digital marketing campaign without relying on effective keywords. First off, you must fill up your website with the right terms (keywords and phrases) that potential customers are searching on the web.
For instance, if you own an Italian restaurant in Boca Raton, Florida, you should target “best Italian restaurant in Boca,” as well as “best Italian restaurant in South Florida” and best Italian restaurant in Palm Beach County.” It may also be wise to go after neighboring cities, like Delray Beach and Deerfield Beach as well. Make sure to incorporate these phrases into your site’s content so that search engines will pick them up.
Just don’t overdo your site with keyword stuffing. For instance, “Are you looking for the best Italian restaurant in Boca Raton? If you are searching for an inexpensive Italian restaurant in Boca Raton, we are your answer. Our restaurant has the best Italian food in Boca Raton.” This is the kind of copywriting that turns off readers, while getting spammed by search engines. DOH!
Of course, relying on a simple keyword like “restaurant” in your online marketing can earn your website many clicks. However, the bounce rate will soar from people looking for different options, like a Chinese restaurant in Fort Lauderdale. In the end, you are throwing away your precious time and money to attract visitors that do nothing positive for your business. They could even be costing you money if you rely on pay per click advertising, like Google AdWords.
It is also crucial to use these keywords in your header tags. Keep every header simple with exact phrases. Also, do your best to keep the keywords at the front of the headers in order to better optimize your website.
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Have You Given Up On Your Online Marketing Efforts?

If you’ve given up in your online marketing efforts and/or you have been completely frustrated with your results up until now!
 Unfortunately, the online marketing industry is littered with companies and individuals that sound great and do nothing, other than asking you for ridiculous sums of money. Yet, they don’t want to be held accountable for no results! We are a results-driven company, and probably one of the only businesses out there that will guarantee our results and/or will continue to work on the campaign until we get those results! *  

Many people have tried online marketing and been unsuccessful. Does that mean that online marketing doesn’t work?  Of course NOT!!! I think it is safe to say that we have all been in conversations with people that and/or business owners that talk about how well they are doing in today’s current market… And then they proceed to say it is only because of their effective online marketing campaigns that they are doing so well. So it’s safe to say that online marketing absolutely does work, and it’s been our experience that digital marketing is the most cost-effective marketing available today.

With our proprietary online marketing techniques, we are not only able to create cost-effective marketing strategies, but our tactics are also tied to the final outcome (Success and cost-effective ROI). So here’s what we mean about that. We track every aspect of all of the traffic coming to our clients’ websites. We set up the following funnels to test and measure every aspect of your marketing.

  1. Phone tracking – we have unique telephone numbers that will track all organic, paid search, content marketing, and social media marketing so we will know exactly how many phone calls are being generated from each campaign.
  2. We will create different tracking goals throughout Google analytics.
  3. We also continually make updates to entry pages/landing pages to increase conversion rates.
  4. We have a large network of partners which gives us the ability to create high-value outbound linking opportunities.
  5. We continue to track your competitors on a daily basis to stay in front of any additional work that they are doing.

Now these are just a few things that we utilize for our clients monthly. We have also taken and passed the exact same tests that Google gives to all of their employees. In addition, we have our own support staff that works with Google on a regular basis.

It’s safe to say that if you haven’t had success in your online marketing at this point it’s because you have hired and worked with the wrong company up to this point. Our whole business model is based on the success of our clients. The bottom line is if you are not successful, then your company will not continue to be one of our clients, and then our business model would be broken. We absolutely insist on your success because our business is built upon it. If you fail, then we fail. And that is not going to happen!!
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5 Invaluable Techniques to Attracting Customers Online in

An integral part of digital
marketing is influencing buyers. Nowadays, millions of companies are
using the internet to get their messages across, whether they are to buy their
product or to stay away from a competitor’s service. Some businesses may even
have tens of thousands of followers on sites like Facebook, but fail to earn a
profit. But in order to become profitable, it takes more than just earning
Likes and Followers.
1          Your company
must attract consumers with exposure. Your business may provide the best
product or service on the market, but nobody will spend a dime if they do not
know you exist. That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid to share your strong
opinions online. For example, “We have the best burgers from here to Timbuctoo,” rather than “You
may love our hamburgers.” Not every person on the internet is going to agree
with what you are saying, but your message will stick in his or her memory.  
2          Another
technique to stay in consumers’ heads is to teach them a valuable lesson. A
painter can post photos of unsatisfactory jobs he performed using an older
product, and compare the pictures to more recent ones. This trick allows
shoppers to see the painter’s improvements firsthand, while he earns their
trust for being honest.
3          When it
comes to online marketing, do not be afraid
to draw outside the lines and create your own boundaries. Never be embarrassed
to point out your own faults or your greatest accomplishments. If you once had
to close a restaurant, share the information with the public. Your honesty will
only give you credibility when opening a new diner. Besides, there is not too
much information that nosey consumers cannot find out for themselves.  
4          Rely on your
own platform to share messages. While social media can be fabulous for a
business, you should still manage your own website and email campaign. That
way, all the information belongs to you. Besides, what will you do if some
fancy social media site suddenly gets shut down? If it’s your brand, shouldn’t
you own all the leads, contacting information, and other internet marketing information?
5          Last, but certainly not
least is money, money, money. If all it took was a large following on the
internet to earn profits, thousands of preteens would now be billionaires. You
have to figure that a small percentage, probably less than a quarter of your
followers, actually conduct business with your company online. So what can you
do to turn that visitors to your website and social media pages into paying
customers? You can start by getting as many individuals as possible to sign up
for your email list. Then blast them with money-saving tips and the right
product or service to purchase, as well as coupons. Be sure to steer all
readers to your website at the end of the email. Just don’t send out too many
blasts or you will quickly get spammed. As Jerry Maguire shouts “Show me the money.”

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The Death of the Mall

According to the experts at The Wall Street Journal, almost 200 million consumers in the United states alone will be shopping on the internet this year. In fact, Amazon now brings in more money than Walmart. In fact, giant department stores than once ruled the market, like Sears, Macy’s, and J.C. Penney are all closing the doors to a handful of their stores this year. Just last year, a retail analyst on CNBC predicted that 33% of malls throughout the nation will close. Meanwhile, thousands of other businesses are declaring bankruptcy across the nation. Things are looking ugly for retail stores.

Men, women, and children are relying on digital marketing to buy their goods online for a number of reasons. For starters, a person can search a wide variety of outlets in just seconds using the smartphone in his or her hand. With the touch of your finger or the click of a mouse, you can have something ordered in no time. Driving to the store, looking for parking, and waiting for a sales rep to let you try something on or check you out is no longer necessary. Besides, who wants to spend money on gas or energy walking through a mall when you can cover all your shopping needs without leaving the sofa?

At the same time, search engines and online marketing allow you to compare one vendor’s price to several others in minimal time. Supplicated websites like Amazon even let a consumer compare multiple products per page, as well as their prices. Also, the stores on web never close, as they are at your fingertips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. But the convenience doesn’t stop there, as a customer never has to wait in line, nor be embarrassed to buy any item, like lingerie.
When you are ready to take your company to the next level in reaching consumers with internet marketing, Icon SEO always takes care of business. Visit us online at Icon Website SEO, or call us today at 800.558.1017.

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Yellow Pages Are Dead

The global marketplace is changing on a daily basis. For
instance, advertising with Yellow Pages was quite important for a business’s
overall exposure not too long ago. The same can be said for direct mail
campaigns and magazine ads, as well as spots on the radio. However, now that we
are living in 2017, a business needs to focus its attention on the latest digital
marketing trends, such as search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click
(PPC), and social media.
Relying on online marketing in today’s business world, a
company can track 100% of its inbound calls, emails, and online chats to figure
out a business’s exact costs down to the penny. Nobody relies on the Yellow
Pages, as they have search engines like Google in the palms of their hands.
When a local business used to spend approximately $25,000 a year advertising in
Yellow Pages, they can now depend on websites and content management systems
for less than $10,000 a year. Quality content writing can attract search
engines for no cost, as long as you know the latest and greatest tricks to the
trade. You can even set your own budget for targeted PPC campaigns, while
connecting with friends and followers to share your messages on Facebook,
and other sites don’t cost a dime.
As far as what the future of adverting will consist of, internet
marketers will be able to identify exactly when their targeted customers are
searching the web. Movie theaters will be able to advertise their show times to
an entertainment reader every Friday afternoon, while ads for a Miami Dolphins
jersey will appear when a sports fan is checking the football scores on Monday
morning. One thing will remain certain, our digital marketing solutions will continue
to progress, just like they have for the last five decades.

When it comes to gaining exposure through internet
marketing, Icon SEO is a Google Certified
Partner company that can take your business to the next level with SEO, PPC,
and social media management.

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Strong Is Your Mobile Marketing Campaign

your business have a strong mobile marketing campaign? If not, it is
time to jump on the bandwagon. Like it or not, the process of doing business
online with our smartphones is here to stay. In fact, consumers are whipping
out their phones this very second to check their e-mail, post on social media,
and look for a business just like yours to conduct a little online shopping.
to Google Consumer Surveys, two thirds of all searchers on mobiles have bought
a product or service after using their smartphones to conduct their searches in
the last 3 months. Similarly, the Consumer Barometer Survey shows that a
whopping 82% of consumers rely on their smartphones to search local businesses.
By the time 2018 rolls around, mobile driven calls to domestic businesses are
expected to reach 73 billion. In other words, if you are not taking advantage
of mobile-friendly digital marketing, you are letting too many
consumers pass you right by.
it is crucial for your company to build a mobile presence and appear
right away in people’s search engines results on their smartphones and tablets.
It is just as important that that you have a responsive web design, allowing
people navigate through your site from both their desktop computers and their
smartphones. Responsive web designs let the search engine giant index and
organize your site’s content. Not only are these web designs easier for
consumers, Google prefers them as well. After all, there is only one URL and
HTML that needs to be indexed by Google, as opposed to two.
the end of the day, buyers are happier with responsive web designs that work on
any screen they use. As long as you keep your consumers content, you are bound
to keep them coming back to conduct more business.  

you are ready to take your company to the next level with an exceptional mobile
presence, Icon SEO always
takes care of business. Visit us online at Icon Website SEO, or call us today
at 800.558.1017.

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Why Your Website Doesn’t Work

In order to get the most out of your business in 2017, you
must possess a strong internet marketing campaign.
That is how shoppers in your targeted locations can find you, learn all about
your product or service and eventually conduct business. Yet, if you do not
know what you are doing with your digital advertising campaign, you could be
tossing thousands of dollars right down the drain. That’s why Icon Website
Design is here to educate you on the biggest mistakes a business can make with
its online marketing. Hopefully you can
side-step each of them and experience massive success with your digital
For starters, make sure your contact information stands out and is easily found at the top and
the bottom of every page on your site. There can be nothing more frustrating
for a shopper than looking for a phone number or e-mail address with no
success. Most folks do not want to fill out a form with their contact
information. It’s enough to send a potential buyer to a competitor’s site.
A direct call to
is a must in digital marketing.
Online shoppers do not care to read too much about your company history or
employees’ lives. What do you offer that is better than your competitors? How
much does it cost, and how do you purchase it? Be direct and too the point, as
internet shoppers have short attention spans. Nobody wants to research your
site for general information.
Speaking of information, do not bore readers with too much.
Write short and high quality content.
Do not depend on an article spinner or hire writers from overseas. Also,
remember that folks don’t want to see more than 500 words on your homepage,
regardless of how many keywords you’re trying to squeeze in there.
It is essential to keep repeat and potential consumers
coming back to your website with updated blogs
and social media,
like Facebook and
Twitter. Earn readers’ trust by telling
education stories. Remember to throw another call to action at the end so your
followers know where to get the product or service they need. If you are not
utilizing these outlets, get rid of them. A lack of attention looks

When you want a professional website to attract the public
eye, as well as search engines with smart digital
, Icon Website
will take care of business. Call us today at 800.558.1017.

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Planning to create a blog to attract new consumers and keep in contact with current customers, as well as attract search engines with the right keywords? If so, there are some basics you need to know, including choosing the best terms in original content and relying on the most effective links within your website’s writing to attract a targeted audience of buyers.

Picking ideal keywords is essential for search engines like Google to recognize your site. That’s why you need to pick first-rate terms and phrases to avoid the wrong traffic. If you are selling ice cream cones in Fort Lauderdale, focusing your keywords on Florida ice cream is too vague. You will end up paying for potential customers in Jacksonville who are searching the web for “how many calories are in rocky road.”

You should also rely on Google Trends to figure out the most popular search terms for a given time. On Friday, a new movie in the theaters may be the most popular search term. However, the Miami Dolphins will be the most popular term on Sunday. Integrate the keywords naturally into your content, including your heading, subheading, title, URL, meta description, photo title, and content. Optimal keywords can improve your search results tremendously.

Take advantage of links to respectable website’s content in your blog. Think of these links as references. Connect to influential sites like Wikipedia and, rather than your friend’s Twitter post. This shows readers and search engines that you’ve performed valid research.

Another little trick to attract search engines is to write longer content. While the human eye prefers seeing shorter blogs, you should write at least a few hundred words. Keep paragraphs short and remember to integrate your most productive keywords to attract Google, along with paying customers.

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