Tips to Keep Your High SEO Ranking

Reaching the first page of Google wasn’t easy. But now that your business has accomplished the feat, you still have to maintain your high position on the search engine. Otherwise, your profits will suffer.
Without earning traffic from online marketing, you will get minimal new customers, if any at all. You have to attract them with positive visibility and turn people into buyers. Over time, these clients can become long term customers. 
When it comes to the most effective procedures of internet marketing, the rules are ever-evolving and changing. That is why it is essential that you stay up to date on the latest and greatest tricks of the trade. Not only must your website utilize the right keywords, you must be careful not to get spammed.
To begin, make sure your website is completely up to date. Is your content well written and relevant? If it is old news, your website will suffer on search engines. It is also important to rely on headings and subheadings that incorporate your keywords, as well as photo titles and descriptions. Make sure your website is visually appealing or visitors won’t read it, causing your bounce rate to soar.  
Next, it is crucial to make sure your website loads quickly. Speed matters to Google. Surfers of the web are rather impatient, so it won’t take long for a potential buyer to move on to a competitor’s site. If your page is taking longer than a second or two to load, it may be time to work on your speed optimization.
As far as link building, think quality rather than quantity. Every link you use should take readers to a high-quality and relevant website. A trick that Google is looking for is to set your inbound links to different pages on your site, rather than just one. These links’ keywords need to be related to the content in which they are found. Again, do not use too many internal links or you will be punished by search engines.
Finally, make sure your company builds up its social media pages as part of its SEO marketing campaign. Search engines now see sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ as authorities in brand recognition. Link building on these social media websites helps Google figure out how appropriate a business website is to consumers. The more people that like and share a product or service, the better off the business’s homepage will be when it comes to Google rankings. In other words, every company should take advantage of popular social media sites by adding share buttons beside every piece of content. Your business can ever offer a free incentive to every individual who shares its post.
Improving your SEO ranking may not occur overnight, but with the right techniques, you can reach the first page of Google. When you are ready to get your company the most exposure possible with a high SEO ranking of search engines, Icon SEO always takes care of business. Visit us online at Icon SEO, or call us today at 800.558.1017.

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