Stop Burning Money on Poor AdWords Campaigns

In a matter of minutes, a company can lose hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on a poorly run Google AdWords campaign. After all, the best pay per click campaigns on the web are made up of keyword research, skilled copywriting, keyword bidding against competition, and the right settings for your specific ca

mpaign, such as your targeted audience. And as soon as you work out every little detail to your AdWords campaign, the tactics will likely become outdated in just a few weeks. Fortunately, there are some tricks to the trade that can help you earn positive results with your pay per click advertising on Google.

First and foremost, every ad campaign you create needs to be tested online. Play with different keywords to see which ones perform best in broad searches. Set your campaign for broad match keywords, as it will bring you more impressions than an exact match. At the same time, the more impressions you get can cost you money with a higher bounce rate. That is why it’s essential to test different matches before you make any long-term decisions that will cost your business an arm and a leg.
On top of broad keywords, take advantage of phrases, also known as long-tail keywords. You will not see as much traffic for these, allowing your competition to be minimal, as well as the price to be considerably lower than other types of keywords. For instance, the term “sunglasses” is so broad that you could lose your shirt. However, if you rely on long-tail keywords, such as “polarized Ray-Ban sunglasses,” your traffic will be so well targeted that your conversation rates will soar.
Make sure you add negative keywords to your pay per click campaign. In your sunglasses ad, you may want to eliminate certain words, like “free,” “replica” and “fake.” Doing so is a highly effective method of preventing unnecessary clicks that cost you money.
Businesses should always take note of custom ad schedules. Looking at one allows individuals to see when their keywords receive the most bids. As a result, the costs skyrocket. For instance, one click after work may cost four times more than one click in the early morning. Yet, the end results have nothing to do with the time of day that a customer decided to visit your website.
Finally, figure out how your visitors are getting to your site. Mobile advertising pay per click results are not the same as those from a desktop. If a majority of the visitors find you with their smartphones, devote more time and money to your pay per click mobile advertising campaigns.

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