Increase Conversions with a Responsive Web Design

If you happen to be creating a business website to earn money, you really must possess a Responsive Web Design. Otherwise, your site will perform so slowly, that impatient buyers will quickly leave your page. People will then click on one of your competitor’s sites, whether it’s from their desktop computers, laptops, smartphones or tablets. Nowadays, your page should not only be functional, but its appearance should also be the same on every type of outlet.

Adaptive Web Designs Are Outdated
Let’s say your business page was created with an adaptive design’s prepared layout to look wonderful for a certain device, such as the iPhone 6. But a year later, the iPhone 7 hits the market with a larger screen and more advanced functions. As a result, your adaptive web design is already old fashioned. In fact, there’s some kid next to you at a restaurant posting photos on social media at twice the speed it takes your business page to upload. It can be embarrassing, especially if that kid is your son.

Rely on Responsive Web Design
Adaptive designs’ prepared layouts can be a huge burden with so many updates and advancements on mobile technology. A responsive web design for a business website is far superior. 
Responsive web designs are better for men, women, and children, as they have the flexibility to be used on just about any computer device. Business websites no longer have to sacrifice any images or content when they go from a desktop to a smartphone. Everything looks and functions the same, even if you still have to scroll a bit to see the entire page. 

Get Rewarded for Going with a Responsive Web Design
A couple years ago, Google began to reward businesses with responsive designs with better search engine rankings. After all, approximately 75% of people searching the web won’t stay on a page that isn’t designed for a mobile device. In other words, the search engine giant will punish you if your site isn’t mobile-friendly. Like it or not, businesses need responsive web designs to rank high on search engines to gain exposure to the public.
Mobile Devices Are Here to Stay
Whether mom likes it at the dinner table or not, mobile usage is here to stay. For years now, people depend on their phones to search the web more than their desktops and laptops. In fact, more than a quarter of folks searching the web only use their mobile devices. If your business doesn’t jump on the bandwagon and focused your marketing towards mobile devices with a responsive web design, you will quickly become old news. Believe me, your competitors are taking advantage of responsive web designs.

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