Importance of SEO Backlinks to Your Fort Lauderdale Business Website

Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, relies on backlinks to drive a website’s rankings in organic search results. Fort Lauderdale businesses need to have their websites seen! By incorporating SEO backlinks along with other savvy SEO tools, businesses in Fort Lauderdale can improve their website’s success – guaranteed.

What are SEO Backlinks?

SEO backlinks are URL links that direct online traffic to your website.

These inbound links give a website a level of importance, which is what search engines are looking for when ranking pages.  Websites with a high number of quality backlinks earn better rankings from the search engines. This is what Fort Lauderdale business owners need if they want their website to help power their profits.

4 SEO Tools to Rank Business Websites in Fort Lauderdale

There are a lot of methods an online marketing team can use to add relevancy to a website and have it rank higher in organic search results.

Four important SEO tools that every business needs to improve their website rankings are:

1) Internal Links

Internal links are backlinks that go from one web page to another on the same domain.

These are the hyperlinks on your business website that help visitors navigate through the site. Internal links also establish a hierarchy of information on a website and, when done well, will add to your website’s ranking power through these backlinks.

2) Linking to Credible Sources

Any business wanting to make the most of its SEO tools should be using content. Search engines need to see content in order to list pages in their massive keyword–based indices. Articles and blogs are key in building link-rich content that is peppered with keywords relevant to a site and its services.

What many business websites fail to do is to link their content to credible outside sources. A source link coming from a website that has a high domain authority is valuable to search engine rankings. When it is added to your content as a hyperlink, your website earns more credibility.

This also works in the opposite direction. If you can add content on a high ranking website and link it back to your business website, it adds status to your website and gets noticed by search engines.

3) Title Tags

One of the most important SEO tools in earning stellar website search rankings is the title tag.

Title tags are used to define the title of each website’s page. As an HTML element, title tags give search engine web crawlers a way to rank a page’s relevancy to search queries.

It is critical that each page on your website have a title tag containing keywords relevant to your business. These keywords will help your website rank when you want it to if someone uses them in an online search.

4) XML Sitemap

For your business website to get good search results, search engines need to know what it is about (title tag) and how it is organized. Search engine web crawlers give better rankings to websites when they know what kind of content is on the site and its hierarchical structure.  An XML sitemap provides this information to the web crawlers so they can crawl, index and rank the pages.

How to Get the Best Web Rankings?

Unless you or someone on your team knows the backend of website design, these SEO tools may seem like a foreign language. All four of these SEO tools and others are vital to getting websites the best ranks in organic search results. If your website is key to your business success, then enlist the help of professional website design SEO experts, like Icon Website Design. We guarantee first page results in organic search engine rankings. Give us a call and talk to our SEO Tools team today: 800-558-1017.


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