Cash In Under the Search Bar with PLAs

Have you even heard of product listing ads, otherwise known as PLAs? Just think of PLA as pay per click advertisements that use images, as well as keywords. But rather than using all of the space for a written description, PLAs rely on one photo or drawing to persuade a viewer to click through to a website.

Whether the term is familiar to you or not, you and your business should be taking advantage of them to increase your traffic, as well as your profits. PLAs are cost per click advertisements provided by Google AdWords. They easily stand out at the top of Google search results, as they attract eyes with product images that relate to the keywords searched. All a person has to do is click on the image to be brought to the vendor’s website, making shopping more efficient.

When it comes to online sales, Google is king. In other words, a business wants to form a presence on the giant search engine to reach the most buyers. Of course, using PLAs for online marketing on the search engine also has its downsides. For example, a vendor has to spend roughly $1,000 a day for its ads to get up and stay up. At the same time, some mom and pop stores could be throwing their hard-earned money away on PLAs if they stock less than 500 products because gaining visibility is extremely tough. A business also wants to make sure the quality of its websites is top-notch.
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