3 Essential Business Networking Tips for LinkedIn

In today’s world of digital
marketing, social media can be crucial. On top of reaching current customers
and potential clients with your company’s Facebook and Twitter accounts,
LinkedIn is a giant player. A variety of companies can now depend on it to expand
their reach to the general public and find new opportunities, as well as find
employees. However, it is crucial to remember that the site’s features are
consistently changing. It is up to you to stay on top of these changes and
adapt your behavior in order to stay relevant to users. The last thing you want
is for your business to become outdated on LinkedIn, or any social media
outlet. You certainly don’t want to get blocked, “unfriended” or “unconnected”
from any person. After all, networking is vital to your trade.
1 Look Professional
For starters, think of your
company’s LinkedIn page as a brochure that gets passed out at public fairs. The
layout and design should be top-notch and up-to-date. At the same time, all
photos should look professional. Only post pictures of employees dressed in
business attire, such as suits and dresses, if not a company uniform. Action
shots can include team members helping customers, along with photos of
satisfied buyers.
2 Make Smart Connections
LinkedIn is not a high school
popularity contest. It is better to possess one hundred quality connections
than one thousand men, women, and children who have no connection to your work.
If you are not familiar with a person who you want to connect with, do a little
research. Learn about the individual so you can explain the reason for the
request in a personal message. Going above and beyond the standard “Join
my network on LinkedIn” message will not go unnoticed. Similarly, before
you accept or deny any request to connect with you, do not hesitate to perform
a little homework on Google.
Is he or she an individual you want to be associated with in the business
world? When it comes to joining a group, only become part of the ones that are
relevant to you and your livelihood. If you sell women’s dresses, there is no
point in joining a Sony PlayStation 4 group. It certainly won’t put any dollars
into your bank account.
3 Be Active
Do not simply set up your LinkedIn
account and forget about it. You have to stay active with your connections, as
well as in your groups. Rather than simply patting yourself on the back, post
interesting news and thoughtful responses. Become part of intriguing
discussions and give advice that will spur positive reactions, even if not
every reader agrees with your point of view. 

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