2 Vital Tricks to Design Your Business’s Mobile Site for SEO

In the year 2017, more website conversions are done on smartphones than desktop and laptop computers. That is why it is crucial for your business to have an app with a mobile-friendly design for search engine optimization (SEO). Doing so will greatly increase your visibility, as well as your conversation rates.

1          Page
Load Time

For starters, make sure your web page loads quickly. Many consumers are impatient and will simply move to your competition’s site before waiting for a slow page to load. That’s why it’s vital to analyze every piece of your page and compress it whenever necessary. Remember to utilize your cache for items that are constantly loading, like your business logo and “Buy Now” feature. Another trick to the trade is to avoid using time-consuming redirects. The faster your app, the more satisfied customers will be.

2          No Pup-Ups, Ever

Next, get rid of any and all pop-ups. Nobody likes them, including Google. You will get penalized, which will have a negative effect on your business. Small banners and age verification notices will not harm your page. However, full page advertisements that pop up are simply not worth losing customers or a high Google ranking.

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