What Motivates Creative Content Marketers

Whether you have earned your degree in Creative Writing or not, it makes no difference. The general public could also care less if you enjoy the process of writing. The one thing that does matter in the world of content marketing is the end result: Do consumers click through to the vendor’s website and buy the product or service? In other words, you can tell artistic poetry like a modern Shakespeare, but it means nothing in the business world if buyers do not click on the link at the end of your sonnet.

Despite the outcome being digital advertising’s primary focus, the writer should not neglect his craft. Well-crafted content makes for better results. Think about it, would you want to purchase a pair of sunglasses from a website that cannot complete a full sentence or make use of a thesaurus? No. Poorly written digital advertising will get spammed in seconds, while enlightening reads convert into followers, clicks, and eventually sales.

Also, forget choosing between quality or quantity. In 2017, digital media demands both. After all, consumers want plenty of content. And that content must be well-structured. Otherwise, it will quickly get spammed by search engines, if not ignored by readers. Simply ask yourself, what are you supplying readers than they cannot find anywhere else on the web? Is the information original, and is the content useful? If so, you can gain a following. The result can be profits, profits, and more profits. So rather than choosing between quality or quantity digital content, pick both. 

When you are ready to gain all the cost-effective exposure with creative content marketing, get in touch with Icon SEO to take care of business. Visit Icon SEO online, or call us today at 800.558.1017.

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Why Go Mobile

Could you imagine living without
your smartphone? After all, that’s how you talk to your loved ones and work.
You use this handheld gadget to check your e-mail, send text messages, update
your status on social media, read blogs, check your calendar, listen to music,
watch trailers, confirm reservations, play video games, and do much more. How
on earth did the previous generation get by with just payphones and quarters?
Do not think for one second that
the use of smartphones is merely a fad. Mobiles devices are here to stay. In
other words, you need to jump on mobile marketing before
you get left in the dust.
For starters, it seems that men
and women are lost without their phones. How many times have you gone to dinner
or even the office and left your handy device at home? Bet you felt naked. How
many times did you reach into your pocket or your purse only to be disappointed
that there was no smartphone within your grasp
It is also vital that more than
90% of men and women in the United States have their smartphones within reach
at all times. People actually like hearing their personal ringtones, whether it
is alerting them to a call, text, email, or instant message on Facebook. It’s also nice to have a library
of knowledge in the palm of your hand. Rather than argue with your spouse about
which city in Europe is a closer drive from Heathrow Airport, simply ask Google in a matter of seconds. Can
television, radio, or any other mass media outlets do that?
When your business sends out an
ad via text, there is a 98% chance that it will be read, even if it immediately
gets trashed. There are no spam folders or subject lines that prevent folks
from reading your message. A company can also target every text to readers
based on age, sex, and buyer preferences. For instance, a restaurant can send a
message about a steak to adults, but photos of desserts to their children.
Relying on mobiles can be much
more personal too. That same restaurant can send out digital
ads about mom’s favorite steak dinner, along with a dessert coupon for
Sammy’s 12th birthday. This personal service allows the consumer to
feel more appreciated. In return, he or she will be much quicker to call that
restaurant to make reservations for a special night out for adults, as well as
Sammy’s birthday celebration.
According to Google, “Mobile sites that are one second
faster experience up to a 27% increase in conversion rates. 53% of mobile site
visitors will now bounce from a page that takes longer than three seconds to
load, yet a recent study by Google found that the average page load time on
mobile is 22 seconds. To make sure businesses that want to improve their
websites can quickly and easily connect with the best talent, Google has
introduced the Mobile Sites certification.”

When you are ready to gain all the cost-effective exposure with
mobile advertising, get in touch with Icon
SEO to take care of business. Visit Icon SEO online,
or call us today at 800.558.1017.

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Here’s $150 AdWords Credit

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Here’s $150 AdWords Credit.

Icon SEO’s digital marketing professionals are fully certified to manage Google AdWords accounts. Contact Us today to receive a $150 Credit* towards your online marketing campaign with Icon SEO.

85% of shoppers rely on Google to locate local companies. As a Google AdWords certified partner, our dedicated team has the credibility and expertise to produce fantastic results with online marketing. 

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2 Vital Tricks to Design Your Business’s Mobile Site for SEO

In the year 2017, more website conversions are done on smartphones than desktop and laptop computers. That is why it is crucial for your business to have an app with a mobile-friendly design for search engine optimization (SEO). Doing so will greatly increase your visibility, as well as your conversation rates.

1          Page
Load Time

For starters, make sure your web page loads quickly. Many consumers are impatient and will simply move to your competition’s site before waiting for a slow page to load. That’s why it’s vital to analyze every piece of your page and compress it whenever necessary. Remember to utilize your cache for items that are constantly loading, like your business logo and “Buy Now” feature. Another trick to the trade is to avoid using time-consuming redirects. The faster your app, the more satisfied customers will be.

2          No Pup-Ups, Ever

Next, get rid of any and all pop-ups. Nobody likes them, including Google. You will get penalized, which will have a negative effect on your business. Small banners and age verification notices will not harm your page. However, full page advertisements that pop up are simply not worth losing customers or a high Google ranking.

When you are ready to gain all the exposure on mobile devices that you could ever want, get in touch with Icon SEO to take care of business. Visit Icon SEO online, or call us today at 800.558.1017.

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3 Essential Business Networking Tips for LinkedIn

In today’s world of digital
marketing, social media can be crucial. On top of reaching current customers
and potential clients with your company’s Facebook and Twitter accounts,
LinkedIn is a giant player. A variety of companies can now depend on it to expand
their reach to the general public and find new opportunities, as well as find
employees. However, it is crucial to remember that the site’s features are
consistently changing. It is up to you to stay on top of these changes and
adapt your behavior in order to stay relevant to users. The last thing you want
is for your business to become outdated on LinkedIn, or any social media
outlet. You certainly don’t want to get blocked, “unfriended” or “unconnected”
from any person. After all, networking is vital to your trade.
1 Look Professional
For starters, think of your
company’s LinkedIn page as a brochure that gets passed out at public fairs. The
layout and design should be top-notch and up-to-date. At the same time, all
photos should look professional. Only post pictures of employees dressed in
business attire, such as suits and dresses, if not a company uniform. Action
shots can include team members helping customers, along with photos of
satisfied buyers.
2 Make Smart Connections
LinkedIn is not a high school
popularity contest. It is better to possess one hundred quality connections
than one thousand men, women, and children who have no connection to your work.
If you are not familiar with a person who you want to connect with, do a little
research. Learn about the individual so you can explain the reason for the
request in a personal message. Going above and beyond the standard “Join
my network on LinkedIn” message will not go unnoticed. Similarly, before
you accept or deny any request to connect with you, do not hesitate to perform
a little homework on Google.
Is he or she an individual you want to be associated with in the business
world? When it comes to joining a group, only become part of the ones that are
relevant to you and your livelihood. If you sell women’s dresses, there is no
point in joining a Sony PlayStation 4 group. It certainly won’t put any dollars
into your bank account.
3 Be Active
Do not simply set up your LinkedIn
account and forget about it. You have to stay active with your connections, as
well as in your groups. Rather than simply patting yourself on the back, post
interesting news and thoughtful responses. Become part of intriguing
discussions and give advice that will spur positive reactions, even if not
every reader agrees with your point of view. 

When you are ready to make all the connections on LinkedIn
that will earn your company loads of exposure, Icon SEO always takes care
of business. Visit Icon SEO online, or call us today at

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Is Your Mobile Marketing Up to Speed?

You do not have to be a marketing whiz to realize how vital mobile marketing is in the year 2017. If your business website is not smartphone friendly, you are a day late and a dollar short. After all, a majority of web searches are now done on mobile devices.
Nowadays, there are more than 2 billion men, women, and children around the world who rely on smartphones and tablets. Sometimes they are checking their email, while other times they are updating their social media profiles, or watching the latest Netflix release. Yet, they may be searching for your product or service, whether it is a consumer down the street or a shopper overseas. That is why you must take full advantage to expose your business to the masses.
You can start with mobile advertising. By next year, the market will bring in more than $75 billion. You can simply look at the broad success of Uber to see how mobile apps are quickly changing society.
Every company should also have its own app. If not, it will look lightyears behind its competition. People actually spend more time playing on apps than they do actually talking on the phone or searching the web with their smartphones.
Best of all, advertising on a mobile device is considerably less than other mass media, like television, radio, and magazines. So jump onboard to create awareness, as well as credibility for your product or service to a targeted audience of your choice with low-cost mobile marketing.

When you are ready to get your company all the exposure you could ever want by side-stepping the biggest digital marketing mistakes, Icon SEO always takes care of business. Visit Icon SEO online, or call us today at 800.558.1017.

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The 5 Most Common Mistakes in Digital Marketing

When it comes to the latest and greatest digital marketing techniques,
a smart campaign can drive loads of traffic and business to your website.
However, unprofessional advertising can quickly turn buyers away, while costing
you an arm and a leg. That is why it is essential to know how to use the
internet to attract consumers by avoiding these 5 damaging mistakes in your online
marketing campaign.

1          Content,
Content & Content
To begin, think content, content, and more content for
your marketing campaign. Search engines are smart enough to catch poor writing,
like keyword stuffing and the material automatically generated from computer
programs. Use imagery and write aggressively to attract the eyes, as well as Google. After all, content is king.
2          Quality, Not

Next, do not try to reach as many men, women, and children as possible. Shoot
for a target audience. If you are selling video games, try to attract young
boys. But if you sell designer purses, target women. You should also test with
targeted audiences by sex, age, and location before you focus on any group.

3          Mobile

Do not overlook mobile advertising. In 2017, more than half of people searching
the web are relying on their smart devices, like phones and tablets. Neglecting
this audience is like shooting yourself in the foot.

4          Mix Up Your Advertising
It is a good idea to test out as many internet marketing techniques as
possible. Rather than throwing all your eggs into one basket, experiment with
different tactics, including pay per click, social media, and blogging. Figure
out who your readers are and what specific content they want to see. Determine
which advertising campaigns get the best response before you boggle down on one
or toss any in the trash.

5          Be Patient
Finally, you have to have a little patience. Unless you are willing to rely on
pay per click advertising, seeing results from a strong marketing campaign doesn’t
happen overnight. Be realistic, as well as patient, and it is possible for your
business to reach the first page of Google.

you are ready to get your business all the exposure you could ever want by
side-stepping the biggest digital marketing mistakes, Icon SEO always takes
care of business. Visit Icon SEO online, or call us today at

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Make Your Business Website Stand Out

In today’s world of internet marketing, a business must
be innovative to stand out from its competition. One essential tool in making a
company distinct is a well-designed website. While consumers visit a site to
read its information, such as prices and specifications, it’s the visible
structure that keeps shoppers’ attention. One’s first and perhaps most
important impression relies on a website’s design.
You may have a Pulitzer Prize winning writer creating
your copy, but no one will read it if it does not attract attention. Depending
on numerous layouts that include grids and split screens can offer content
professionally, while attracting human eyes.
Keeping data symmetric is no longer necessary, as more
artistic layouts are becoming more and more common among millennials. Just
remember to keep everything simple, as a majority of surfers are checking out
your website from their smartphones.
As a business owner, you must make sure your site is mobile responsive with an
up-to-date design. If your page takes a while to load onto a smartphone, get it
fixed right away. Better yet, create a mobile app specifically for your
business. Otherwise, your competition and their modern online marketing procedures
can leave you looking outdated. 
Besides well-written content, businesses relying on vivid
photography and videos on their websites is nothing new. However, the use of
audiovisual animation is a marvelous technique that grabs shoppers’ attention.
Just don’t use too much animation, or visitors will forget why they are
visiting your site to begin with.

efficient web design is vital to growing business in today’s global market. When
you are ready to make your website stand above the competition, Icon
SEO always takes care of business with the latest and greatest digital
marketing techniques. Visit Icon SEO online, or call us today at

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Stop Burning Money on Poor AdWords Campaigns

In a matter of minutes, a company can lose hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on a poorly run Google AdWords campaign. After all, the best pay per click campaigns on the web are made up of keyword research, skilled copywriting, keyword bidding against competition, and the right settings for your specific ca

mpaign, such as your targeted audience. And as soon as you work out every little detail to your AdWords campaign, the tactics will likely become outdated in just a few weeks. Fortunately, there are some tricks to the trade that can help you earn positive results with your pay per click advertising on Google.

First and foremost, every ad campaign you create needs to be tested online. Play with different keywords to see which ones perform best in broad searches. Set your campaign for broad match keywords, as it will bring you more impressions than an exact match. At the same time, the more impressions you get can cost you money with a higher bounce rate. That is why it’s essential to test different matches before you make any long-term decisions that will cost your business an arm and a leg.
On top of broad keywords, take advantage of phrases, also known as long-tail keywords. You will not see as much traffic for these, allowing your competition to be minimal, as well as the price to be considerably lower than other types of keywords. For instance, the term “sunglasses” is so broad that you could lose your shirt. However, if you rely on long-tail keywords, such as “polarized Ray-Ban sunglasses,” your traffic will be so well targeted that your conversation rates will soar.
Make sure you add negative keywords to your pay per click campaign. In your sunglasses ad, you may want to eliminate certain words, like “free,” “replica” and “fake.” Doing so is a highly effective method of preventing unnecessary clicks that cost you money.
Businesses should always take note of custom ad schedules. Looking at one allows individuals to see when their keywords receive the most bids. As a result, the costs skyrocket. For instance, one click after work may cost four times more than one click in the early morning. Yet, the end results have nothing to do with the time of day that a customer decided to visit your website.
Finally, figure out how your visitors are getting to your site. Mobile advertising pay per click results are not the same as those from a desktop. If a majority of the visitors find you with their smartphones, devote more time and money to your pay per click mobile advertising campaigns.

When you are ready to get your business ad all the exposure you could ever want with digital marketing, Icon SEO always takes care of business. Get actionable advice on how to improve your account now with Icon’s FREE AdWords Performance Grader. Visit Icon SEO online, or call us today at 800.558.1017.

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Join Icon Website Design and Network with Google

Online advertising can help any business grow. A total of $17.6 billion was spent on digital ads in the third quarter of last year alone. That is why it is essential for your business to start an online advertising campaign with Google.
Jump on this opportunity, as you are invited to ask specific questions related to digital marketing and learn about Google advertising from a certified specialist. The educational event will take place on Wednesday, May 17, from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm in our Margate office. As a Google Certified Partner, Icon SEO will support this event and answer all your questions.

Ben Tyson will be speaking at the gathering. The Head of Enablement for SEM partners at Google will discuss how Home Services providers can get ahead in today’s digital world, where the process of finding Home Services providers continues to evolve, ultimately affecting buyers’ paths to purchases. He will conduct a strategy session to review specifically how and where you should be directing your online attention and dollars. 
Broadcast Will Last About 1 Hour
See the Value of Advertising Online
Network with Other Business Owners
Find Online Solutions for Your Business
Discuss Latest Trends in Home Services
Arrive Early for Buffet Lunch & Refreshments
If you offer top-of-the-line products or services to the general public, this session is a great opportunity for you. Numerous individuals can benefit from our get-together, including contractors, electricians, plumbers, gutter installers and pool contractors, to discover new marketing opportunities. Learn more about the enormous potential of digital marketing.
There is limited space, so please let us know in advance if you will be attending. Fortunately, there will also be a livestream video conference call broadcast for those who cannot join the event in person. Buffet lunch will be offered at 11:30, and the presentation will begin at 12:00 noon. You do not want to miss this event because it will lead you to a higher level of business. Come early to network with others in the business.
Icon Website Design
5100 W Copans Rd #900

Margate, FL 33063

Please RSVP, as seating is limited. To reserve your free seat at our seminar, click http://ift.tt/2qvjNdh

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