These days, you cannot accomplish very much with a digital marketing campaign without relying on effective keywords. First off, you must fill up your website with the right terms (keywords and phrases) that potential customers are searching on the web.
For instance, if you own an Italian restaurant in Boca Raton, Florida, you should target “best Italian restaurant in Boca,” as well as “best Italian restaurant in South Florida” and best Italian restaurant in Palm Beach County.” It may also be wise to go after neighboring cities, like Delray Beach and Deerfield Beach as well. Make sure to incorporate these phrases into your site’s content so that search engines will pick them up.
Just don’t overdo your site with keyword stuffing. For instance, “Are you looking for the best Italian restaurant in Boca Raton? If you are searching for an inexpensive Italian restaurant in Boca Raton, we are your answer. Our restaurant has the best Italian food in Boca Raton.” This is the kind of copywriting that turns off readers, while getting spammed by search engines. DOH!
Of course, relying on a simple keyword like “restaurant” in your online marketing can earn your website many clicks. However, the bounce rate will soar from people looking for different options, like a Chinese restaurant in Fort Lauderdale. In the end, you are throwing away your precious time and money to attract visitors that do nothing positive for your business. They could even be costing you money if you rely on pay per click advertising, like Google AdWords.
It is also crucial to use these keywords in your header tags. Keep every header simple with exact phrases. Also, do your best to keep the keywords at the front of the headers in order to better optimize your website.
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