5 Invaluable Techniques to Attracting Customers Online in

An integral part of digital
marketing is influencing buyers. Nowadays, millions of companies are
using the internet to get their messages across, whether they are to buy their
product or to stay away from a competitor’s service. Some businesses may even
have tens of thousands of followers on sites like Facebook, but fail to earn a
profit. But in order to become profitable, it takes more than just earning
Likes and Followers.
1          Your company
must attract consumers with exposure. Your business may provide the best
product or service on the market, but nobody will spend a dime if they do not
know you exist. That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid to share your strong
opinions online. For example, “We have the best burgers from here to Timbuctoo,” rather than “You
may love our hamburgers.” Not every person on the internet is going to agree
with what you are saying, but your message will stick in his or her memory.  
2          Another
technique to stay in consumers’ heads is to teach them a valuable lesson. A
painter can post photos of unsatisfactory jobs he performed using an older
product, and compare the pictures to more recent ones. This trick allows
shoppers to see the painter’s improvements firsthand, while he earns their
trust for being honest.
3          When it
comes to online marketing, do not be afraid
to draw outside the lines and create your own boundaries. Never be embarrassed
to point out your own faults or your greatest accomplishments. If you once had
to close a restaurant, share the information with the public. Your honesty will
only give you credibility when opening a new diner. Besides, there is not too
much information that nosey consumers cannot find out for themselves.  
4          Rely on your
own platform to share messages. While social media can be fabulous for a
business, you should still manage your own website and email campaign. That
way, all the information belongs to you. Besides, what will you do if some
fancy social media site suddenly gets shut down? If it’s your brand, shouldn’t
you own all the leads, contacting information, and other internet marketing information?
5          Last, but certainly not
least is money, money, money. If all it took was a large following on the
internet to earn profits, thousands of preteens would now be billionaires. You
have to figure that a small percentage, probably less than a quarter of your
followers, actually conduct business with your company online. So what can you
do to turn that visitors to your website and social media pages into paying
customers? You can start by getting as many individuals as possible to sign up
for your email list. Then blast them with money-saving tips and the right
product or service to purchase, as well as coupons. Be sure to steer all
readers to your website at the end of the email. Just don’t send out too many
blasts or you will quickly get spammed. As Jerry Maguire shouts “Show me the money.”

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