Strong Is Your Mobile Marketing Campaign

your business have a strong mobile marketing campaign? If not, it is
time to jump on the bandwagon. Like it or not, the process of doing business
online with our smartphones is here to stay. In fact, consumers are whipping
out their phones this very second to check their e-mail, post on social media,
and look for a business just like yours to conduct a little online shopping.
to Google Consumer Surveys, two thirds of all searchers on mobiles have bought
a product or service after using their smartphones to conduct their searches in
the last 3 months. Similarly, the Consumer Barometer Survey shows that a
whopping 82% of consumers rely on their smartphones to search local businesses.
By the time 2018 rolls around, mobile driven calls to domestic businesses are
expected to reach 73 billion. In other words, if you are not taking advantage
of mobile-friendly digital marketing, you are letting too many
consumers pass you right by.
it is crucial for your company to build a mobile presence and appear
right away in people’s search engines results on their smartphones and tablets.
It is just as important that that you have a responsive web design, allowing
people navigate through your site from both their desktop computers and their
smartphones. Responsive web designs let the search engine giant index and
organize your site’s content. Not only are these web designs easier for
consumers, Google prefers them as well. After all, there is only one URL and
HTML that needs to be indexed by Google, as opposed to two.
the end of the day, buyers are happier with responsive web designs that work on
any screen they use. As long as you keep your consumers content, you are bound
to keep them coming back to conduct more business.  

you are ready to take your company to the next level with an exceptional mobile
presence, Icon SEO always
takes care of business. Visit us online at Icon Website SEO, or call us today
at 800.558.1017.

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