Why Your Website Doesn’t Work

In order to get the most out of your business in 2017, you
must possess a strong internet marketing campaign.
That is how shoppers in your targeted locations can find you, learn all about
your product or service and eventually conduct business. Yet, if you do not
know what you are doing with your digital advertising campaign, you could be
tossing thousands of dollars right down the drain. That’s why Icon Website
Design is here to educate you on the biggest mistakes a business can make with
its online marketing. Hopefully you can
side-step each of them and experience massive success with your digital
For starters, make sure your contact information stands out and is easily found at the top and
the bottom of every page on your site. There can be nothing more frustrating
for a shopper than looking for a phone number or e-mail address with no
success. Most folks do not want to fill out a form with their contact
information. It’s enough to send a potential buyer to a competitor’s site.
A direct call to
is a must in digital marketing.
Online shoppers do not care to read too much about your company history or
employees’ lives. What do you offer that is better than your competitors? How
much does it cost, and how do you purchase it? Be direct and too the point, as
internet shoppers have short attention spans. Nobody wants to research your
site for general information.
Speaking of information, do not bore readers with too much.
Write short and high quality content.
Do not depend on an article spinner or hire writers from overseas. Also,
remember that folks don’t want to see more than 500 words on your homepage,
regardless of how many keywords you’re trying to squeeze in there.
It is essential to keep repeat and potential consumers
coming back to your website with updated blogs
and social media,
like Facebook and
Twitter. Earn readers’ trust by telling
education stories. Remember to throw another call to action at the end so your
followers know where to get the product or service they need. If you are not
utilizing these outlets, get rid of them. A lack of attention looks

When you want a professional website to attract the public
eye, as well as search engines with smart digital
, Icon Website
will take care of business. Call us today at 800.558.1017.

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