Increase Conversions with a Responsive Web Design

If you happen to be creating a business website to earn money, you really must possess a Responsive Web Design. Otherwise, your site will perform so slowly, that impatient buyers will quickly leave your page. People will then click on one of your competitor’s sites, whether it’s from their desktop computers, laptops, smartphones or tablets. Nowadays, your page should not only be functional, but its appearance should also be the same on every type of outlet.

Adaptive Web Designs Are Outdated
Let’s say your business page was created with an adaptive design’s prepared layout to look wonderful for a certain device, such as the iPhone 6. But a year later, the iPhone 7 hits the market with a larger screen and more advanced functions. As a result, your adaptive web design is already old fashioned. In fact, there’s some kid next to you at a restaurant posting photos on social media at twice the speed it takes your business page to upload. It can be embarrassing, especially if that kid is your son.

Rely on Responsive Web Design
Adaptive designs’ prepared layouts can be a huge burden with so many updates and advancements on mobile technology. A responsive web design for a business website is far superior. 
Responsive web designs are better for men, women, and children, as they have the flexibility to be used on just about any computer device. Business websites no longer have to sacrifice any images or content when they go from a desktop to a smartphone. Everything looks and functions the same, even if you still have to scroll a bit to see the entire page. 

Get Rewarded for Going with a Responsive Web Design
A couple years ago, Google began to reward businesses with responsive designs with better search engine rankings. After all, approximately 75% of people searching the web won’t stay on a page that isn’t designed for a mobile device. In other words, the search engine giant will punish you if your site isn’t mobile-friendly. Like it or not, businesses need responsive web designs to rank high on search engines to gain exposure to the public.
Mobile Devices Are Here to Stay
Whether mom likes it at the dinner table or not, mobile usage is here to stay. For years now, people depend on their phones to search the web more than their desktops and laptops. In fact, more than a quarter of folks searching the web only use their mobile devices. If your business doesn’t jump on the bandwagon and focused your marketing towards mobile devices with a responsive web design, you will quickly become old news. Believe me, your competitors are taking advantage of responsive web designs.

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5 Tricks to Improve Your Website’s Content

There seems to be an endless sea of digital content on the internet. So how on earth do you make your business website stand out above the rest on search engines and attract potential buyers? You can start by explaining what makes your business unique. But even if you have the best content writer imaginable on your payroll, it still needs to be picked up by Google. Otherwise, no consumer will find it. That is why it is essential to practice these 5 tips for writing your website’s creative content.

1          Relevancy

All the writing on your site should be pertinent to your product or service. If you are selling surf boards, there is no reason to post a blog about the stock market. Think of your audience. What are they interested in? Why did they travel to your website? Write as a knowledgeable specialist addressing why they are there and answer any questions that they may have. Doing so earns consumers’ trust.

2          Show Integrity

If all you do on your business website’s content is pat yourself on the back, you will quickly turn readers away. At the same time, you must be honest. Do not offer a free gift, like one month of a free gym membership to get people in the door, and then not honor it. You need to be real with potential clients to turn them into long-term customers.

3          Offer Details

When it comes to website contSouth Florida. Instead of advising a middle-aged woman to do cardio exercise, inform her that 35 minutes a day on a stationary bike would help her lose the precise number of calories she wants to get rid of. Doing so earns a reader’s trust, and that leads to engaging conversations with both potential and repeat customers. 

ent, the last thing you want to do is give general information. Rather, offer details. Pretend you are a personal trainer in

4          Be Clear
Do not mix words or confuse readers with big language. If a reader doesn’t grasp your message, he or she will simply move onto the next business listed on the search engine. Give yourself authority and do not mix your messages. Do not claim to be “the number one dressmaker in Boca Raton” at the top of the page, but “one of the best dressmakers in Boca Raton” in the next paragraph. You will merely shoot yourself in the foot. 

5          Be Honest
Rather than ripping off your successful competitor’s content, tell your own story. Readers appreciate your honesty. That way, a potential client doesn’t feel disconnected when they go from reading your site to chatting with you on the phone or in person. It needs to be the same voice. Authenticity pays off in the dog eat dog world of online marketing.

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$150 AdWords Voucher

If you’ve been thinking of starting a Pay-Per-Click campaign, rely on Icon Website Design to handle all your digital marketing needs. Not only are we AdWord Certified, we are a Google Partner with insider knowledge of the trade. Contact us now to receive a free $150 voucher towards your AdWords campaign.

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3 Tips to Writing Successful Website

When it comes to online marketing, one business after another is slamming its messages into a person’s face with repetitive website content and blogs. Most consumers’ eyes are now trained to overlook ads when surfing the web. However, it is possible to grab viewers’ attention with the right digital marketing techniques.

1          Relevancy

When trying to reach a potential buyer, it is crucial that your ad applies to the buyer. You must think of your audience. Do not advertise fancy jewelry for women on a toy store’s website or a cruise package on an employment agency’s homepage. Create and post content for your targeted audience in a place they will see it. Add a relevant photo too. Supply honest information that they are looking for, rather than simply trying to sell them. That way, you can earn readers’ trust. When the time comes for them to make a purchase, you can count on them coming to their trusted and knowledgeable source, you.

2          Supply details

Readers do not care to learn about general information on a product or service. Giving detailed facts and figures in your online marketing supplies value for buyers. Think about it, would you buy a pill that gets rid of your headache “Pretty quickly” or aspirin that will fix your problem “in 15 minutes?” You can then backup your statements with scientific figures, professional quotes, blogs, and e-books to earn readers’ trust.

3          Be original

While your competitor may have a wonderful website that is driving all the business you want, you still need to create your own site with original content, posts, artwork and customer feedback. Sure, you gain inspiration from the big boys, like Amazon and Facebook, but you still have to create your own business website. Being authentic ensures that a shopper will never forget why they are on your site: to conduct business.

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Is Email Marketing Still Effective?

Email marketing has been around for decades. Just think of how many thousands of emails you have deleted in the last few years without even opening. With all the smartphones and social media around these days, is email marketing as effective as it once was? Yes, email marketing is still an effective tool for countless businesses around the nation. All you need is the right email marketing strategy.
For starters, sending out mass emails is extremely cost effective. A business’s return on investment can be a whopping success. Creating or even purchasing email lists and automated email programs are minimal expenses, especially when you can earn back approximately 40 times your original cost with every sale.
Sharing your business’s communication on email allows you to relay relevant and insightful messages to your targeted audience, whether or not they even have social media accounts. Marketing departments can now test email marketing procedures and make improvements that drive customer interaction. Popular adaptations include emails designed for smartphone readers. Video messages are making their appearance into many of these email campaigns as well. Emails can now be extremely targeted, based on people’s age, location, sex, and even buying habits.
It may take some trial and error, but with practice, you can decide if you should take a promotional or a personal tone with your readers. Are you carrying on a conversation or simply providing them advice? What will he or she take away from the email? If you present negatives about a product or service, you have to supply a better alternative. If sharing positives, educate your readers on where and how to get what they need.
Email marketing is now easier to access than ever before. Rather than individuals setting aside time to check their emails, they have smartphones in the palms of their hands. This allows them almost instant access to their inboxes throughout the day, whether the person is at home, in the office, at a restaurant or stuck in a traffic jam. People can now receive, open and actually read your email regardless of where they are and what time of the day it is.
Just like every other form of mass media, email marketing is ever-evolving. Every day, emails become more creative in attracting consumers’ attention, as well as dollars. Technology is advancing as well, allowing folks to read their email from their watches or hear them read out loud from their cars. With such a straightforward and direct approach, emails will continue to advance in order to reach the general public. Whether a new business is introducing itself or a well-established restaurant educating the public about a giant promotion, email marketing campaigns aren’t going anywhere.

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The 3 Golden Rules to Email Marketing

often do you open an unsolicited email? Most of the time, you probably just
delete it, if not send it to your spam folder. When your pitches do get opened,
they are quickly scanned before most folks trash them. But
if you create your message just right, thousands of men and women will not only
open them, but they will actually read your message. At the end of the day, a
well-written email pitch can get potential consumers to pick up their credit
cards and do business with you. That is why it is important to follow these 3
golden rules to email marketing:
1          Your first impression is everything
first trick to formulating a productive email pitch is its first impression.
Not unlike a salesman knocking on your door or a cold caller ringing you on
your home phone, you must capture a person’s interest immediately. This all
starts with the subject of your email. Be creative and spark a reader’s
interest. Be informative and entertaining, without trying to sell your product
or service.
2          Stay professional
short and to the point, always keep your email
campaign professional. For instance, discuss the Miami
Dolphins upcoming season before trying to sell a person sportswear. Relay some
intriguing facts about home break-ins prior to suggesting your company’s alarm
systems in the last paragraph of your email.
3          Always keep your message brief
about it, if you open an email that is eight paragraphs long, you are not going
to read it. Quickly explain who you are, what you offer, and what the reader
has to gain from you. Using photos and images are always appealing to the
consumer’s eye. And looking at a colorful graph is certainly more compelling
than reading stats.

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opened by thousands of potential customers, you must rely on the best digital marketing team in the business, Icon
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Why Go Mobile with Your Keywords

Nowadays, Google recognizes just how much men, women, and children rely on their smartphones. That’s why they began mobile-first indexing in 2016, punishing websites’ SEO ranking if they are not mobile friendly. After all, more than half of the time spent surfing the internet is done on mobile devices.
With so many consumers depending on their phones to go shopping, access product information and make purchases, your business needs to switch its keyword generator from a desktop computer to a mobile device. If done properly, your click-through rates should soar in no time.
How do mobile keywords differ from regular keywords? For starters, you should find shorter keywords for research and business-related topics. Google AdWords Keyword Planner is a helpful tool when deciding what keywords to put your money on.
Figure out what topics you want to focus on, such as women’s shoes, children’s t-shirts, or Palm Beach County plumbing. You can then model your specific keywords around spoken queries. For instance, when you are on your desktop, you will search for “hamburgers on Las Olas.” However, if you have the luxury of voice command, you will ask the search engine “What hamburger restaurants are located on Las Olas Blvd. in Fort Lauderdale?”
Don’t get me wrong, when it comes to SEO, keywords are just as important on one outlet as they are the next. They just aren’t the same. It may take some toying with, but the best mobile keyword campaign for your business is out there. It’s just a matter of putting your finger on it. 

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Important Steps to SEO Research

When it comes to the latest and greatest digital marketing techniques,
relying on a smart SEO campaign can deliver plenty of traffic to your business
website. After all, if you do not stay on top of internet marketing, your
competitors will quickly steal your high ranking. In other words, you will lose
traffic, along with customers’ dollars.
To begin, you should know all about your competition. Read
their websites, blog and
social media pages. See what marketing techniques are used and which of their
online marketing techniques seem to attract the best results. Also, take note
of the keywords that they use. Do you see one term repeated five times or are
there 20 different keywords spread out on one page? How do their keywords rank
and are their blogs updated on a daily basis? As soon as you become familiar
with the competitor’s website, you can figure out what it will take to draw search
engines, as well as consumers to your page.
Next, view your competitors’ backlinks. As you know, relying
on high-quality links can be essential to an internet marketing campaign. After
all, backlinks are one of the most crucial signs of a website’s expertise to search
engines like Google. That is why it is
essential to perform a little homework and only rely on quality backlinks.

you are ready to get your business all the exposure you could ever want with a well-researched
and executed search engine optimization marketing campaign, Icon
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